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Mingfeng Composite Europe

Mingfeng Composite Europe

Mingfeng was establish in year 2002, the company has over 12 years of experience in FRP(Fiber Reinforced Plastic) production. The main technique Mingfeng applies is pultrusion process, the technique is used to make standardized profiles which has been applied in many field of works: infrastructure, marine time, civil engineering, sewer treatment, sports, gardening tools, logistics, energy sector and more.

Mingfeng owns over 12 pultrusion productin line, the production possibility is over 3,000 Tons per year. A processing factory with over 50 skilled workers to assemble goods after the production.

Mingfeng had established the new company in the Netherlands to serve the European countries, the company is located in Rotterdam, the purpose is to provide the European customer with fast and convenient service the European countries with the excellent quality from Mingfeng.

What do Mingfeng do?

Mingfeng composite Europe will help our clients to solve the possible demand on their composite material needed projects. From the customization production from the customer to the design of the new profile for the customer; from the production of driveway marker to the production of a radome; as long as the product is in a range of pultrusion, we can make things happen.

What is the benefit for YOU?

  • Quick respond on the inquiry
  • High customization possibility
  • Short customization lead time
  • Capability of massive production
  • High Quality with Cost Efficient


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